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TAWU is here for the worker, our shopstewards are available nationwide to listen, advise and offer guidance on a variety of subjects, ranging from individual work-related problems to negotiations with management.

Why Join TAWU?

  1. SATAWU is the largest trade union for transport workers in South Africa
  2. SATAWU took the lead in pushing for the Council to introduce fraud-free systems of benefit payments such as sick leave, leave and holiday bonus.
  3. SATAWU has insisted that the Bargaining Council becomes an active force in the industry, with agents issuing compliance orders where companies are not complying with the Agreement
  4. SATAWU’s affiliation to COSATU, the most powerful labour federation in South Africa, means that SATAWU is part of an organisation that is at all times ready to act in solidarity with transport workers.
  5. Every SATAWU member has access to free legal advice.
  6. SATAWU offers protection and support should you ever face harassment or unfair treatment in the workplace.
  7. SATAWU offers free training courses to keep your skills up to date and improve your knowledge.
  8. SATAWU does not pretend that the fight for better conditions is over. We have a long way to go.
  9. SATAWU the union of choice is here for you!
  10. Participate in the fight for a better life for all!

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